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Almost There
Almost There Pack

You’re curious about our Clean Lean Protein made with European Golden Pea Protein and our More-then-a-Multi Good Green Stuff but you don’t want to commit for more then a month. This pack includes enough for approximately 9 days. It includes a 225g tub of Clean Lean Protein, a 120g tub of Good Green Stuff and a BPA-free Smart Shaker to shake it up in.

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Good Green Stuff – tub

The ultimate lifestyle supplement. Over 75 nutrient-rich ingredients, providing comprehensive nutritional support in one daily serve. No Gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs. Available in 120g, 300g, 600g & 1kg tubs.

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Taster Pack
Just Fruit and Veg Taster Pack

Ready-to-go plant-based protein smoothie mixes in convenient sachets. 5 fruits + 5 vegetables blended with European Golden Pea Protein. No gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs. Includes a Nuzest Standard Shaker and all 3 delicious flavours: Fresh Coconut, Cacao Mint, Wild Berry.

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NZ-KGS-225g-MCNZ-KGS-225g-CHNZ-KGS-225g-CBMint ChocChoc HoneycombChoc Banana
Kids Good Stuff – tub

Nutritional support for growing children; and peace of mind for parents. Supports healthy growth and development in a delicious multi-vitamin smoothie. Available in three great flavours in 225g or 450g tubs.

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